Churchware Item Services
The following is a partial list of Churchware item services we perform

Repair, refinishing or plating crucifixes.

Re-plating and repair of communion trays, including those with inserts.

Restoration of patens, monstrance, and goblets.

Repair, refinishing or re-plating 24k gold plate chalices and patens.

Repair, refinishing or re-plating of menorahs and Kiddush cups.

Refinishing and lacquering brass alter crosses, incense burners, candle sticks, and candle lighters.

Hiles Plating has specialized in restoring and maintaining the beauty of precious metal pieces within the religious community for over 86 years.  With a proven track record of delivering quality and handcrafted precision.  You can trust Hiles Plating to bring out the best in all of your precious metal pieces.

We guarantee our silver plating for 25 Years

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