We specialize in:

Polishing/refinishing sterling, silver plate, brass, and copper hollowware items.

Repairing dents, scratches, and broken parts.

Supply missing pieces for your hollowware items.

Restoring worn and damaged plated items.

Restoring and conserving your valuable antique hollowware pieces.

Repairing damage caused by dishwashers and disposals.

Whether you are in need of the major repair services, plating, antique refinishing, or looking to put a fresh polish on a treasured item, Hiles Plating is here to provide our customers with quality metal plating and excellent service.

Please contact us for a free estimate.

Looking to update your look to a more modern finish?  We can do it.

We can change polish brass to satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze.  Brass to silver.

Silver to nickel.  The possibilities are endless.

Please enclose a sample of the finish you would like matched.

Please contact us with your wishes and we will match them as close as possible.

We guarantee our silver plating for 25 Years

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