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Welcome to Hilesplating.com

Welcome to Hilesplating.com

Welcome to Hilesplating.comWelcome to Hilesplating.comWelcome to Hilesplating.com

About Us



We provide the best in polishing and refinishing sterling, silver plates, brass, and copper hollowware items. 

Excellent Repair Ability


Repairing dents, scratches, and broken parts is what we do. We have a great respect for these items and our professionalism is simply the best.

Restoring Precious Items


Restoring and conserving your valuable antiques are what we do everyday. We offer you the best in craftsmanship and professional excellence. 

Special Repairs


Repairing damages caused by dishwashers and disposals are not a problem for our team of professionals.

Church Antique Refinishing


 Our team is dedicated to serving local and regional churches with the best in antique refinishing. Please consider us for your current project needs. 

Quality and Professionalism


Our business has an 88 year legacy in this very specialized area of expertise. We take pride in our work and know the importance of these precious pieces of history.