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Welcome to Hilesplating.com

Welcome to Hilesplating.com

Welcome to Hilesplating.comWelcome to Hilesplating.comWelcome to Hilesplating.com



Disposal Repair

Do not despair because our team can repair your knives, forks, and spoons to a functional state again. 

Brass Chandeliers

Do you have a chandelier that needs to be restored? Look no further as we can help restore this item to its original beauty.

Re-Plating Worn Silver or Gold Flatware

Overtime, flatware will show wear in the form of scratches and dents. We can buff these items back to the original state. Worn plating can be re-plated as well.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our silver plating for 25 years. 

Loose Knife Blades

Our team of experts can easily re-attach loose blades and forks.

Removing Monograms

Most monograms on sterling can be removed. Please contact us today regarding your project.