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Welcome to Hilesplating.com

Welcome to Hilesplating.com

Welcome to Hilesplating.comWelcome to Hilesplating.comWelcome to Hilesplating.com


Hiles Plating Company

The Hiles Plating Company was founded in 1930 by William F. Hiles. One of four children, William learned jewelry manufacturing and repair at his father's store in Sioux city, Iowa from 1890 to 1910.

William moved to Kansas City and was employed by the Meyer Jewelry Company where he learned the art of Silversmithing. Marvin F. Hiles joined him in 1933 until 1970. William M. Hiles started with the company in 1960. William ran the company form 1970 until 2005. Julia Hiles has been running the company ever since.

For 86 years, we have prided ourselves by delivering high quality restoration work with a great interest in detail and stewardship. All work is performed in our shop. Plating is done with the use of very hazardous chemicals. The Acids and Cyanides are removed from the water we use for rinsing to a level of 2 parts per million. We are very interested in the safety of the environment and received the Gold Award from the Missouri Water Environment Association for three years.